QP Foaming Shampoo for baby 350ml

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QP Foaming Shampoo for baby 350ml

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Kewpee baby shampoo foam type, compound amino acid of cleaning ingredients, is a mild acid shampoo. Bottle with pump. 
Sebum in the scalp, too severely by the bubble. Care of the hair getting twisted too. 

• Skin is dermatologically tested. (Not necessarily allergies does not happen to all the people) 

-Easy, first, blot, rinse rinses clean. 

-Natural squalane (skin protection ingredients) 
Protects the scalp moisturized. 

-Vegetable conditioning ingredients 
Easily entangled hair and whispering. 

-Amino acid cleansing agent 

-Acidic, hypoallergenic, colorant, fragrance free 

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