QP Foaming body soap for baby 400ml


QP Foaming body soap for baby 400ml

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"Kewpie moist body baby soap bubble-type" is three skin care ingredients, dry and moist your skin becomes dry washable baby SOAP is. Bottle with pump. 
Merely dropping the sebum gently washes your skin delicate, creamy texture, fine bubbles. 

-Three skin care ingredients 
Squalane & Shea butter (skin protection ingredients), hyaluronic acid (moisturizer) 

-Easy, first, blot, rinse rinses clean. 

-Hair and body wash baby's whole body. 

-Acidic, hypoallergenic, colorant, fragrance free 

• Skin is dermatologically tested. (Not necessarily allergies does not happen to all the people) 

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