COSME PROUD - Repairing Scalp Essence

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COSME PROUD - Repairing Scalp Essence


In Cosme Proud head spa series, all-round scalp essence has been born for healthy scalp and beautiful hair.

Moisturizing the scalp and promoting blood circulation.
Get gloss, volume & strength in your thin Hair.

The ultimate 5 ingredients
* Nutrient-rich with a bounty of nature: Fulvic acid
* Algae with high ability for hair growth: Parachlorella kessleri exopolysaccharide
* More moisturizing than hyaluronic acid: Fucoidan
* Hair-growth/maintaining healthy body to your hair: Pleurotus Cornucopiae Extract
* Hair root cells activator agent: Placental Protein

Recommended for:
* beautifully hydrated hair!
* hair loss concerns
* adding healthy body to your hair

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