COSME PROUD - Repairing Shampoo


COSME PROUD - Repairing Shampoo


This is a brilliant debut of Cosme Proud' Head Spa Series that is highly incorporated blessings of nature "fulvic acid", aged and fermented for 8000 years: hair-loss remedy/color conserving effect leads to healthy scalp moisturized beautiful hair.

Brings you beautifully hydrated and nourished hair
The most luxurious new hair care products using carefully-selected ingredients and special formulation! Enjoy a luxurious head spa with a subtle floral scent.

The ultimate 3 ingredients
* Nutrient-rich with a bounty of nature: Fulvic acid
* Algae with high ability for hair growth: Parachlorella kessleri exopolysaccharide
* More moisturizing than hyaluronic acid: Fucoidan

Recommended for:
* beautifully hydrated hair!
* longer-lasting hair coloring
* hair loss concerns
* adding healthy body to your hair

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